Frequently Asked Questions
If you would like your patients to benefit from Osmosip, your local Nualtra Strategic Account is available to demonstrate product to you and your team.
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What is Osmosip Clear & Thick

Osmosip Clear & Thick is a xanthan gum based thickener to help promote safe swallowing for patients with Dysphasia or swallowing difficulties.

Is there a scoop included in the tin?

Yes there is a scoop included in the tin. One full scoop measures 1.2g.

Once opened, how long can Osmosip be used for?

Once opened, how long can Osmosip be used for?

Is Osmosip Clear & Thick Lactose-free?

Yes, Osmosip is Lactose-free

Is Osmosip Clear & Thick Gluten-free?

Yes, Osmosip is Gluten-free

Is Osmosip Clear & Thick suitable for vegans?

Yes, Osmosip is vegan friendly

Is there a different mixing technique or quantity required for thickening different types of liquids, e.g. hot/cold/juices/fizzy drinks/

No. Once of the great benefits of Osmosip Clear & Thick is that you need the same amount of thickener and missing technique for all types of liquids. Mixing instructions can be viewed here.

I have been using a different thickener however I have now been prescribed Osmosip Clear & Thick. What is the difference in number of scoops needed to thicken my drink?

Click here to visit our resource page where you can download and view the switching instructions from your current gum-based thickener to Osmosip Clear & Thick. Depending on the thickener you are on, you may not need to make any changes to how you thickened your drink previously. Speak to your healthcare professional if you have any questions about your condition.

Resources available in print and to download
We have a range of materials available to help your clinical and support team and patients. Click
below to view and download resources such as the mixing instruction and switching guides. if you
would like printed items then please contact us and we would be happy to supply them.